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Masciarelli Spaghetti Pasta 1.1 LB


We have run out of stock for this item.

Why Masciarelli Pasta?

Change your pasta experience by trying this uniquely artisan – Masciarelli pasta.


Masciarelli works only one format of pasta at a time because they have just one single press. They use circular dies, because compared to linear ones they do not stress the dough, and very low temperatures for about 48 hours, respecting the times required by each format. This is a fundamental detail: the extremely gentle drying allows the slow removal of the water and not to burn the pasta, to leave the taste of the semolina in the pasta.  All these small imperfections in shape and color testify that the dough mix is adjusted “by eye” and the cut by hand. Such attention to detail is the company’s built-in process resulting in the most valuable selection of Masciarelli: a very particular product made with wheat semolina with a high content of gluten and proteins, in 17 bronze-drawn formats.