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PORK CAPOCOLLO SLICED PACK - 3 OZ. - Regular is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Produced by a small artisanal producer of a small range of exquisite dry cured meats, especially a delicious selection of dried sausages or salamis.

Like the best old world artisans, they cure each muscle slowly and naturally for three months to develop superb taste and texture, before being sliced and packaged.

Using only fresh antibiotic free ground pork and spices.  

This fat-laced cut is from the back of the Duroc pig's neck, aged for 3 months, and dusted with black pepper and coriander. This product has the smooth, thin texture of prosciutto, but with a more substantially fatty mouthfeel and seasoned flavor.

Traditional Northern Italian and French sausage made with red wine and garlic.   Sold as a frozen item,