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Giaveri Sevruga Caviar


Giaveri Sevruga Caviar - 30 grams - serves 1-2 is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Giaveri Sevruga Caviar is hands-down the nicest farmed Sevruga available. By harnessing traditional farming methods, Giaveri produces the most delicious and striking Sevruga sturgeon caviar. Described as salty and flavorful, we are over the moon to offer Giaveri Sevruga Caviar in time for the holidays!

Silver in color with some olive hues, this Sevruga has a consistent creamy flavor with a sweet finish. The notably pure and clean finish of this Sevruga can be attributed to the pristine artisanal well waters in which Giaveri’s sturgeon thrive.

Caviar will remain optimal in your refrigerator, unopened, for 4-6 weeks. Crucially, once opened you should consume within three days.

  • Species: (Acipenser Stellatus) Sevruga Sturgeon
  • Color: Silver-gray to olive
  • Taste: Creamy with a sweet finish
  • Size of Pearls: Small
  • Texture: Delicate
  • Country of Origin: Italy