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Vargnano Extra Virgin Olive Oil 16.9 floz LIMITED EDITION - Palazzo Varignana


Very limited production: Single varietal Nostrana cultivar Extra Virgin Olive (EVO) oil.  The olives are harvested early while still green and hand picked at the beginning of October to bring out the best characteristics of the local cultivar from Emiglia Romagna. The cultivar gives rise to a vert limited production of Italian olives and EVO oil. A good extra virgin olive oil that highlights how quantity is not so much important as quality.

The oil is pale green in color, and the fruitiness is intense, with ample herbaceous fragrances of green apple, rhubarb leaf and tomato; the aromatic wide range of the palate is emphasized, and an elegant spicy flavor of green olive closes the taste.

Particularly suitable for enhancing light dishes and strictly raw cooking recipes, fish carpaccio, salads, vegetable soups, fresh dishes.