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Stifonte Extra Virgin Olive Oil 16.9 floz LIMITED EDITION - Palazzo Varignana


Bottle of extra virgin olive oil Stiffonte 16.9 floz, Limited Edition

100% Correggiolo monocultivar olive oil.  It is an intensely fruity monocultivar reminiscent of the green olive, with a balanced taste on the palate with fresh vegetable notes. Thistle, artichoke and fresh almond stand out in a pleasant contrast to a well-balanced bitter and spicy flavor on the finish.

The harvest of this cultivar takes place in mid-October and represents the noble olive of central Italy and one of the absolute best on the peninsula and therefore of high quality.

For its taste characteristics, it has been honored with numerous national and international awards year after year. Its green colour of fresh olive is another of its unique characteristics enhancing a unique taste and flavour. Proof of the production that takes place in the mill and the quality of the land.

An oil that accompanies speciality dishes preferably raw, ideal on bruschetta, legume soups, pinzimonio and grilled meat, pasta.

Correggiolo, an ancient cultivar of Tuscan origin, has long found a favorable environment for its cultivation in the Palazzo Varignana estate in Emiglia Romagna.