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Blend Verde Extra Virgin Olive Oil 16.9 floz - Palazzo Varignana


Bottle of extra virgin olive oil Blend Verde 16.9 floz 

Blend Verde is a combination of Maurino Vittoria, Verzola, and Leccino olives - all cultivars from Italy.

Light green in color, the nose is broad and aromatic, reminiscent of olives at the right stage of ripeness. The taste is medium to intensely fruity, with distinct notes of artichoke, green apple and freshly mown grass and rocket. Well-balanced bitterness and spiciness follow in the finish.

A well-balanced and very versatile oil for many foods, particularly recommended with the main dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, especially for bruschetta, salads, pinzimonio, fresh and gratin vegetables, legume soups, excellent on grilled meats.