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Terre Di Perseto Maurino Monocultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ML


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Obtained only from Maurino olives produced in our farm: the olive tree Maurino, has its origin in Tuscany (Italy); from Tuscany the variety was spread to central and northern Italy.

Intensely fruity, medium spicy, with a delicate aroma and a bright green color: olives are squeezed with an innovative system in order to keep all its scents unchanged over time. The olives of the Maurino variety, in fact, allow to produce an extravirgin olive-oil with a very particular taste and flavor, which make it highly appreciated in the culinary world. Thanks to its fruity notes, sweet taste and floral aroma, our MAURINO extra-virgin olive-oil turns out to be very delicate and it is perfect for seasoning vegetables and fish dishes.