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Barolo Chinato 2016 750 ml


Created close to the end of the 1870s by the pharmacist Giuseppe Cappellano of Serralunga d'Alba as a “medicinal and anti-malaric liniment” but soon after became one of the classics of Italian oenology.

This is crafted as a recipe and is considered a great aromatic wine for meditation, handed down to generations based on its knowledge of the land and countryside.  

The preparation is well-known ‒ the extract of china calissaia mixed with other aromatic herbs, sugar, and alcohol is added to the aged Barolo ‒ whereas the list of spices used for the aroma is secret.  China (pronounced 'kee-na') Calissaia is a South American tree whose bark was originally used as a digestive.

The equilibrium of contrasts, the gusto-olfactive complexity, and an endless persistence constitute the charm of a wine which is seductive as few others, capable of sustaining the nigh-impossible match with dark chocolate.