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Langoustines from New Zealand - Wild Caught 4.4 lbs (Frozen)


 5-7 prawns per pound.

Langoustines are always in high demand in kitchens all over the world. Widely regarded by gourmands as one of the top shellfish species available on the market. It is coveted for its delicate texture and delicious flavor. There is no argument about its quality. Only over whether it is more like a shrimp, or more like a lobster.

Best kept to the minimum necessary, at 2-3 minutes, depending on the recipe. Smaller ones are well suited for a court bouillon, other types of soups, paellas, and pasta dishes. Larger ones can be split open and placed on the grill. While fresh langoustines are certainly a prized treat, frozen langoustines are more common on the U.S. market due to their fragility.